• The world's best paper quilling artists have mastered the art and created intricate, breathtaking masterpieces.
  • Techniques and tips for creating stunning quilled designs include choosing the right paper, investing in quality tools, practicing basic shapes, using templates, and experimenting with different techniques.
  • Quilling artists have inspiring stories and journeys that led them to excel in this intricate art form.
  • Online sources for quilling supplies include Quilling.com, Etsy, Amazon, craft stores, and specialty quilling stores.
  • Quilled home decor ideas include wall art, photo frames, clocks, vases and planters, and ornaments.
  • Quilling is a versatile art form that can be used to create unique greeting cards for every occasion, with popular themes including floral designs, geometric patterns, and animals and nature.

Meet the World's Best Paper Quilling Artists

Discover the incredible talent of the world's best paper-quilling artists who have mastered the art and become an inspiration for many. These artists have transformed easy quilling projects into breathtaking masterpieces that showcase the endless possibilities of this beautiful art form.

Yulia Brodskaya is a Russian-born artist known for her innovative paper-quilling techniques. Her unique approach has led to stunning quilled home decor and artwork in galleries worldwide.

Senaruna is a talented quilling artist from Sri Lanka who creates intricate patterns inspired by nature. Her designs, including flowers, leaves, and animals, are perfect for greeting cards and home decorating.

Philippa Reid is a British quilling artist with over 30 years of experience. Her work showcases a range of techniques, from traditional to contemporary, and she shares her knowledge through books and workshops.

Anastasia Wahalatantiri is an Indonesian artist known for her stunning quilled greeting cards, including birthday and Diwali cards. Her intricate and colorful designs are a unique way to celebrate any occasion.

Judith+Rolfe is a husband-and-wife team based in the United States. Their modern and minimalist approach to quilling, using geometric shapes and clean lines, is perfect for those who appreciate a contemporary aesthetic.

These talented artists inspire and provide ideas for quilling enthusiasts. Their work demonstrates the endless possibilities of paper quilling, from greeting cards to home decor.

Senaruna quilling designs

Techniques and Tips for Creating Stunning Quilled Creations

Create beautiful quilled designs with these techniques and tips:

1. Choose the right paper: Use lightweight, acid-free paper that is easy to manipulate. Experiment with textures and colors for added dimension.

2. Invest in quality tools: Essential tools include a quilling tool, tweezers, scissors, and a ruler. High-quality tools help achieve precise and intricate designs.

3. Practice basic shapes: Master coils, teardrops, and scrolls to create more complex designs. Combine shapes for unique creations.

4. Use templates: Templates ensure consistent and symmetrical designs. Please create your own or find them online.

5. Experiment with different techniques: Explore husking, fringing, and combing plans for unique designs.

By following these techniques and tips, you can create stunning quilled creations. Remember to be patient, practice regularly, and have fun!

Inspiring Stories of Quilling Artists and Their Journeys

Discover the inspiring stories of quilling artists and their journeys in mastering this intricate art form:

Yulia Brodskaya: Yulia, a Russian-born artist, started as a graphic designer before finding her passion for paper quilling. Her unique style combines typography and illustration, resulting in vibrant and detailed quilled home decor and greeting card designs.

Senaruna: Senaruna, a self-taught quilling artist from Indonesia, discovered quilling through online tutorials. Her dedication and passion led to stunning quilled creations inspired by nature, gaining her a large following on social media.

Ann Martin: Ann, an American quilling artist, and blogger, shares her love for paper quilling through her blog, All Things Paper. She started quilling to create handmade greeting cards and has since become an expert in various techniques. Her blog offers inspiration and resources for quilting enthusiasts.

These artists' stories showcase the dedication, creativity, and passion required to master quilling. Learn from their experiences and explore their unique styles to find inspiration for your quilled creations.

Quilling Supplies Online: Where to Find the Best Materials

Find the best quilling supplies online to create beautiful and intricate quilled creations:

1. Quilling.com: This leading online retailer offers many quilling supplies, including paper strips, tools, kits, and accessories. They also provide free patterns and tutorials for beginners and experienced quilters.

2. Etsy: Explore unique quilling paper, tools, and kits from various sellers worldwide. Etsy is also an excellent source of handmade quilling cards for different occasions.

3. Amazon: Amazon offers many quilling supplies, including paper strips, tools, kits, and books on quilling techniques. Quick shipping and easy returns make it a reliable source.

4. Craft stores: Local and online craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joann carry quilling supplies, including paper strips, tools, and kits. They may also offer workshops and classes for learning and practicing quilling techniques.

5. Specialty quilling stores: The Quilling Superstore and Custom Quilling specialize in quilling supplies, offering various materials and helpful resources like tutorials and project ideas.

With the right tools and resources, you can master the art of paper quilling and bring your unique designs to life.

Quilled Home Decor: Ideas and Inspiration for Decorating with Quilling

Add a touch of elegance and personalization to your home with quilled home decor. Explore these ideas and find inspiration for creating stunning and intricate designs:

1. Quilled Wall Art: Transform your walls with abstract or landscape quilled designs. Create large-scale pieces or a gallery wall using smaller quilled methods. Search Google Images: quilled wall art ideas

2. Quilled Photo Frames: Give your cherished memories an artistic touch with quilled photo frames. Use simple or intricate designs to create a statement piece. Search Google Images: quilled photo frame designs

3. Quilled Clocks: Add a functional and artistic element to your home with a quilled clock. Use different quilling techniques to create a unique timepiece. Search Google Images: quilled clock designs

4. Quilled Vases and Planters: Enhance your indoor plants with quilled vases and planters. Create simple or elaborate designs to complement your home's decor. Search Google Images: quilled vases and planters

5. Quilled Ornaments: Add a touch of quilled elegance to your holiday decorations with quilled ornaments. Create festive designs for Christmas trees and garlands. Search Google Images: quilled ornaments ideas

You can transform your home with beautiful decor with the right quilling supplies and creativity.

geometric quilled greeting card

Quilling for Greeting Cards: Unique Designs and Ideas for Every Occasion

Create unique and thoughtful greeting cards for every occasion with quilling. Explore easy projects, paper patterns, and techniques to express your sentiments:

Floral designs are popular for quilled greeting cards. Create elegant floral arrangements by shaping quilled paper into petals and leaves. Perfect for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, and birthdays.

Geometric patterns offer a modern and abstract look. Use basic quilling techniques to create eye-catching designs for Father's Day, graduations, or new home cards.

Animals and nature themes are also popular. Create unique designs using primary and advanced quilling techniques for sunflower, daffodil, or heart cards.

Explore the work of quilling artists on platforms like Etsy and YouTube for inspiration and ideas. Develop your unique style and create stunning quilled greeting cards for every occasion.

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