Create a Quilling Paper Tiara at Home! - Craft your own ✨

Making a tiara using quilling paper is a fun and creative project that allows you to showcase your quilling skills while creating a beautiful accessory. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to create your own homemade quilled tiara.

Materials you will need:

- Quilling paper strips in various colors

- Quilling tool

- Glue

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Cardstock or foam sheet

- Decorative elements (optional)

Step 1: Design your tiara

Start by deciding on the design and shape of your tiara. You can draw a rough sketch on a piece of paper to help you visualize the final product. Consider the size and style you want for your tiara, whether it's a simple band or a more elaborate design with intricate patterns.

Step 2: Prepare the base

Using a ruler and pencil, measure and mark the dimensions of your tiara on the cardstock or foam sheet. Cut out the shape using scissors. This will serve as the base for your tiara.

Step 3: Quill the paper strips

Take your quilling tool and select a quilling paper strip. Insert one end of the strip into the tool and start rolling it tightly. Once you reach the end, apply a small amount of glue to secure the coil. Slide the coil off the tool and allow it to expand slightly.

Repeat this process with different colored quilling paper strips to create a variety of coils in different sizes and shapes. Experiment with different quilling techniques such as tight coils, loose coils, teardrops, and marquises to add dimension to your tiara.

Step 4: Arrange and glue the coils

Arrange the quilled coils on the base of your tiara, following your design. Play around with the placement until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Once you have finalized the layout, apply a small amount of glue to the back of each coil and press it firmly onto the base. Hold it in place for a few seconds to ensure it adheres properly.

Step 5: Add decorative elements (optional)

If you want to add some extra flair to your tiara, you can incorporate decorative elements such as beads, rhinestones, or small flowers. Glue these elements onto the quilled coils, strategically placing them to enhance the overall design.

Step 6: Let it dry

Allow your tiara to dry completely before handling it. This will ensure that the quilled coils and decorative elements are securely attached to the base.

Step 7: Wear and enjoy!

Once your tiara is dry, it's ready to be worn and admired! Gently place it on your head and adjust it to fit comfortably. You can wear your homemade quilled tiara for special occasions, parties, or even as a unique piece of home decor.

Remember, quilling is a versatile craft, and you can apply these techniques to create other quilled accessories or decorations. Let your creativity shine and have fun exploring the world of quilling!

I hope this guide has inspired you to create your own tiara using quilling paper. Enjoy the process and the satisfaction of wearing a handmade accessory that showcases your quilling skills. Happy quilling!

Bernadette Jacobson
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